Procedures for Automatic Bank Transfer Transactions

Procedures for Automatic Bank Transfer Transactions

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Automatic bank transfer transactions is a safe and common procedure and is recommended for ordinary payment of municipal and prefectural taxes, such as property tax, city-planning tax, or National Health Insurance tax.

Those who wish to pay municipal tax by bank transfer, please take the necessary procedures by submitting a written request for automatic transfers at the banking institutions where you have your own account. This procedure should be completed at least 2 months before the due date of the tax.

〈Items required〉
1. Your bank passbook
2. Your seal that is registered at the bank
3. Tax papers
4. A written request for automatic transfers (available at banking institutions in the City)

〈Affiliated Financial Institutions〉
Head Offices and Branches of
1. Banks in Suwa City
2. Credit Unions
3. Credit Associations
4. Agricultural Co-operative associations
5. Japan Post Bank and Post Offices

When you receive your tax papers, you'll find enclosed a postal card which requests the Bank Transfers form. If you wish to have your tax paid automatically through your bank account, please fill in the form and stamp it with your seal impression, which you have registered at your banking institution, then post it. Suwa City and the banking institution will complete the transaction on your behalf.

*For inquiries, please call: Suwa City Hall(TEL 52-4141)
Revenue Section of Taxation Division




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